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"They both have crazy busy schedules, but Bella and Anthony are determined to work out some time to see each other again, and get to know each other better," a source said.

However, The Weeknd's former girlfriend seems still not ready to mingle.

But the people close to the 20-year-old fashion model claimed they are just friends.

"Bella and Daniel have been close friends for ages, but there's nothing romantic going on. Daniel has always been there for Bella and he was a great shoulder to cry on after her breakup from The Weeknd," a source told Hollywood Life.MTL Escort Service is a Montreal’s favorite place to find the perfect dating escort!If you are from Montreal or simply spending few days here, you would find the perfect escort match willing to be your company at the event of your choice.Full marks to Nani for allowing Nivedha Thomas take centre stage while he stays back in his character. It is her solid performance that keeps the film going.Nani’s role required a lot of composure to sustain the suspense till the end and not once does Nani goes out of frame. Right from her looks to acting prowess, she has nailed it and is an actress to watch out for.Thrillers like these should be quite crisp and major scenes in the first half could be edited even now to make things better.