So when we do get off the road, we still have to be a family.” Caleb adds: “All of our kids are in the same class at the same school, so we see each other at all kinds of awkward events like that. Lead singles Waste a Moment and Reverend are typical Kings Of Leon, loud and euphoric, with catchy crowd-pleasing hooks.But it’s fun, it keeps it real.” The musical talent spans the generations. Caleb says: “She is only four but the songs that she comes up with every day . Title track Walls is a rare moment of calm, a beautiful, stripped-back song with only acoustic guitar, piano and Caleb’s unmistakable vocals. The singer and his wife, a Victoria's Secret model, were married in Santa Barbara in May after dating for two years.

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Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill was injured in a tour bus accident and the band has since delayed Sunday's (August 10) show in Saratoga Springs, NY. The band was en route to their hotel after their show in Boston when a pedestrian jumped in front of their tour bus, causing the bus to stop short, injuring Nathan Followill," the statement, posted Sunday, reads."Nathan is being treated for broken ribs, but is doing well. However they are next slated to play Wantagh, NY on August 13.

"IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to an accident on their tour bus, Kings of Leon will unfortunately have to postpone tonight’s show in Saratoga Springs, NY. The band, who are touring in support of their 2013 album "Mechanical Bull," has not specified when the August 10 show will be rescheduled for.

CALEB FOLLOWILL sits in the living room of his Nashville home, taking a well-earned rest after Kings Of Leon’s latest rehearsal.

The band are preparing to release seventh studio album Walls and want to get every last note perfected before unleashing it on the world. “I think it’s good for your psyche to not always be surrounded by people who are just going to tell you what you want to hear — to be “yes” men.

But however hard he practises, there is one person Caleb can’t seem to please — his daughter Dixie, four. “The honesty of a child goes a long way and you realise just how uncool you really are.” Three of Kings Of Leon’s four members are now dads — Nathan has three-year-old daughter Violet while Matthew has sons Knox, five, and Adrian, three.

Only Jared, the youngest member of the band, who turns 30 next month, is yet to have kids.

Jared, who is clearly still adjusting to life as an uncle, bemoans: “There is a f****** birthday party every three weeks! The darkest track, Over, is halfway through the record, a heart-wrenching guitar ballad in which Caleb details his struggles with drink and drugs, telling the story of a millionaire rock star who hangs himself in his garden.

“There is always something going on — holidays and stuff. Caleb sings: “I’ll hang around forever, until you cut me down, all brushed and ready, to face the crowd”. Like many of Caleb’s hits, such as the student-union singalong Sex On Fire which catapulted the band to global stardom in 2008, Over is a stadium anthem.

“He will tell you if something’s not good and that is not something we are used to hearing. Caleb says: “Me and Markus definitely had some moments where we had to have some sit-downs. Some things felt a little ‘lost in translation’ and we would be like, ‘I think it sounded more harsh than what he meant to say’. Jared says: “I feel like the other guys having kids took a lot of harshness and brashness out of touring. “We can focus on the things around us, whereas before it seemed like a blur and we were just going through it.” And what about Caleb, the hellraiser turned baby-raiser? “I don’t feel like we have ever been as close as we are right now.