Nene is married to a man named Gregg and has two sons named Bryson and Brentt. Kim eventually meets a man named Kroy and the two have two boys together named KJ and Kash.

During the series the two have issues and get divorced. Kim befriends Kandi and even produces a single with her.

After Kim gets married, her relationship with the ladies becomes strained.

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This week’s Instagram Roundup of reality star photos does not disappoint.

The Real Housewives of New York ladies posted some great snaps.

The drama is always forefront of the series and cat fights and hurt feelings are in every episode.

A softer side of the series is shown as the ladies interact with their spouses and children.

She loves to throw parties and dress up in jewels and have a good time.

Kandi is in the music industry and also sells adult items.She dated a man named AJ who was tragically killed.She has a daughter named Riley and has a fun relationship with most of the ladies.Porsha becomes friends with Nene and the other ladies.She and her husband Kordell have a good relationship and are trying to start a family after she had a miscarriage due to an ovarian cyst.She was friends with Kim but the two had a falling out. Sheree was the wife of a former NFL player named Bob Whitfield.