In June 2013 she won two gold medals for Gi and no-Gi in a Jiu Jitsu competition at the Mother City Winter Open.In a testimonial on a Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts’ site Gabriel says she has ‘trained hard’ and competed in various events around Cape Town to earn her blue belt.She has also trained at the Roger Gracie Academy in London and the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York while she was travelling with Noah.

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Local media reports claimed the jet-setting comic snapped up a luxury penthouse apartment in the exclusive 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town’s city-center.

It’s believed Noah and Gabriel also bonded over their similar backgrounds in that they both have parents from different ethnic backgrounds against the backdrop of Apartheid in South Africa.

Even Noah admitted during an interview that one of his ex girlfriend’s tried to stop him from going in to comedy.

He told Interview magazine in May, 2013: ‘I was dating her and I said, "I want to be a comedian." And she said, "You're not that funny, don't be stupid." So I said, "Okay." And I didn't do it.

I need help opening this jar ;(.’ Judging by the photos they had shared, the pair would have made the perfect celebrity couple, especially if Gabriel had made the move to be by her man’s side in the States.

On Valentine’s weekend last year Gabriel posted a series of stunning shots of them together on a boat sailing around the Cape Peninsula with Noah’s good friend, South African radio DJ Anele Mdoda and her boyfriend.

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Patricia said one of Noah’s other ex-girlfriends was ‘controlling’ over him.