"It was sort of a Godzilla thing, but with a huge beaver.

I've seen rock & roll future, and its name – for the time being, at least – is DVDA.

"It's a reference from ," frontman Parker explains. If you do double vaginal, double anal – well, that's the highest thing you can do.""As soon as we heard that, we said, ' That's our name,'" says drummer Stone.

When the two attended a KROQ Christmas concert in Los Angeles, they found themselves treated like real stars by assorted alterna-icons such as Fiona Apple and Beck.

Tiger Woods has volunteered his vocal services, and, according to Parker and Stone, Jerry Seinfeld's representatives expressed interest in Jerry's playing a role on .

The 28-yearold Parkerwho inspired South Park group leader Stan – is more solidly built, blond and mildly leading-mannish.

The duo first met back in the early '9os, making student films at the University of Colorado at Boulder.By facing the ugly truth that our inner children are baby-faced sadists with big eyes, the show has broken our sweetest taboo and revealed childhood as a dangerous and obscene place.As the warning before the show explains, "The following program contains coarse language, and, due to its content, it should not be viewed by anyone.""That's how we pitched the show when we went around town," says Parker. They totally jump on any bandwagon and rip on the weak guy at any chance. They are total fucking bastards, but for some reason everyone has kids and forgets about what they were like when they were kids.""It's a total projection of what I remember," says Stone. I remember thinking, ' What's the meanest thing I could possibly do here?"There's this whole thing out there about how kids are so innocent and pure. '"As the success of demonstrates, hard truths go down more comfortably in cartoons."I think it's definitely easier to take the truth in animated form," Parker says."I got a call from my agents saying, ' Trey, you've been offered to direct a picture for a million and a half dollars.' And I said, ' Wow, what's the movie?