It’s surprising how many men are turning to pick-up artists these days. It’s fine to rearrange your schedule for her if you can. Just not the centre of your world if you get my drift! And, women are becoming more and more wise to their techniques.

Why online dating is bs video

I read a great deal of dating advice, most of it bad.

This includes dozens of blogs, countless women’s websites, even the lady magazines like Cosmopolitan.

I really didn’t actually sit down and think, “What do ‘I’ want? So I’ve written this list as a helpful guide to guys (and gals perhaps) to avoid some of the pitfalls that I have encountered along the way. This one does the rounds though; but if you’re looking for a healthy relationship with your women friend, don’t treat her mean.

Because she’ll swap you for a guy that treats her like a princess.

The woman doesn’t want the DNA (sex) from that man, she wants the emotional support in addition to the desirability validation.

This is manifested in contemporary times as the Friend Zone and weaker men being the emotional tampon.

So when you’ve worked all your moves on her and the relationship moves onto another stage of development.

“I’m a very sensitive individual and take everything to heart and carry it with me for what seems like forever,” she explained.

It stems from the notion that women like arguments and drama.