World using the power of the Internet to bring Catholic singles together.

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Given the limited reach of these avenues, the matches lack depth.

It is more supply driven (who is available) than demand driven (preference of the match seeker).

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And an MBA with a focus on the management of Catholic parishes and apostolates.

When an undated sample of rings is matched with a dated master chronology, then each of its rings can immediately be assigned to a calendar year.

Perhaps when the methodology and variables involved are understood this will be less perplexing.

Catholic Matri is an initiative started by Celine D’Souza and Valerian D’Souza to bridge the gap which exists currently in the Catholic Matrimonial domain.

Celine D’Souza is a Professional with experience of 20 years in India and has a formidable Social network.

Details about this issue are available at pacificjustice.