As a member of Fahrenheit Wu Chun has released 4 studio Mandarin albums and 3 Japanese singles. His publicized temperature is that of cool autumn, at 59 degrees Fahrenheit.Annually, in his mother country, Brunei, he hosts and organizes blood donation campaigns twice a year.

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The event, is not only dedicated for empowering women, but according to Wu Chun, he also dedicates it for his late mother who died from cancer.

September 2016, As the Goodwill Ambassador of Roots and Wings Charity Concert in Brunei, the said concert gathered estimatedly $43,000 BND for two NGOs as beneficiaries.

He is currently the Managing Director of a family-owned health club in Brunei, Fitness Zone.

Wu Chun has been awarded numerous recognition in Asia.

Have you ever just wanted to sleep around with no strings attached? Do you have what it takes to get down and dirty in the island of secretive acts? Once Opon a time there was two Princess, the princess were born on the same day, same year.

From that day, she was treated a bit unfairly by her father, but nothing compared to how he treated her after her twin brother Tadashi died and she became the new Tono (leader/red ranger). The second queen dyed by giving birth to a girl, which will become a princess. The three girls were studying at Taiwan Arts Academy and transferred to Kirin Art School.

HIM International Music, the group's record label, announced in an official statement on 22 June 2011 that Chun left Fahrenheit to concentrate on his acting career and also to spend more time with his family.

Wu Chun also starred in many popular Taiwanese idol dramas such as Tokyo Juliet (2006), Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (2006), Romantic Princess (2007), Hot Shot (2008), Sunshine Angel (2011) and Kindaichi Case Files (2012-2013).

Special Olympics Brunei Darussalam and LA VIDA Bhd.

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He also played for Brunei's National Basketball Team and still actively participates in this field of sport among other various physical and sport related attributes.