He has strong opinions about which products are welcome in the garage – and on the bike.Fair enough, but that leaves you completely in the dark!

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Your local photo shop can get them restored and printed.

For years, Pat was complaining that he couldn’t find his favorite metal polish anywhere.

In most motorcycle households, there’s a stressful daily ritual…

The last-minute frantic searching far and wide for the lost bike key.

Fix the problem by buying him a polished metal dish, or old-school hook just for his bike key. Before you give up and just order him another Harley t-shirt instead, try this.

By giving him somewhere to store this essential key, you can save him the drama of the daily panicked search. It seemed like a great idea until you tried ‘motorcycles’ as a search term in Amazon, didn’t it? The solution is to narrow your search according to his specific area of interest.There are many kinds of metal signs out there that celebrate motorcycle culture.They’re often made of tin, so will stand up well in the garage.Get them off the computer, printed, framed and hung on the wall where he can enjoy them.You could also put together a little collection of some old photos of him through the years with different bikes.In fact, these make such cool gifts, you can even feature them in the house without turning it into a redneck shack.