The city of about 3.1 million people is home to two million slum dwellers, and the Kenyan capital's slum population is growing by 6 percent a year.

"An adult who chooses to engage in sexual activity, whether for recreation, procreation or in exchange for something of value, makes a private, individual choice that should not be subject to criminal sanctions." According to AIK, any attempt to ban on prostitution would curtail on individual autonomy and privacy of resident of Nairobi.

The ban also unfairly targets women according to AIK who make up the bulk of those engaging in the sex trade.

Commercial sex is a service industry like any other, he argued.

"Nobody's human or civil rights should be violated on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling or profession," Muia's statement read.

Among male prostitutes, the prevalence was recorded at 18.2 per cent in 2016 with that of people injecting themselves with drugs captured at 18.3.

According to the 2016 profile, the HIV and AIDS burden in the country was estimated to have accounted for twenty-nine per cent of annual adult deaths, twenty per cent of maternal mortality, and fifteen per cent of deaths of children under the age of five."Sex work is not going to disappear anytime soon; so instead of banning prostitution, we should work towards making it a fully legal industry.We believe that this is what most sex workers want as well," the statement further read.Seeing a 15-year-old, much less an 8-year-old, telling me that she has to have sex to eat was completely shocking," Richardson said."I hated it. They are traumatised, they can’t sleep, I can’t sleep."Richardson found herself becoming one of a growing number of activists running grassroots campaigns to stop grinding poverty from sending children from the slums into the sex trade.She would sneak into brothels, strip clubs and alleys, sometimes posing as a prostitute, to lure girls away, an experience she described as "terrifying".According to AIK, the practice was in no way illegal provided those involved are consenting adults.