And Dhoni, how good has he been in these last two games, allowing his partners to thrive with his calming influence at the other end in order to shepherd the team home.

Let's not forget about Bumrah too, setting the game up with a five-for. Vishwa Fernando to Dhoni, 1 run, full toss on leg, Dhoni pops it off a leading edge over mid-wicket and that will be that.

Anyway, let agitation not be the note we sign off on. We have to be a bit patient with the younger players. He's (Bumrah) got 11 wickets in three games, he's bowled really well.

Let it be calm - the way Dhoni almost dozed off amidst the craziness. Last game he missed out on a five-for, but he got it this time. He's doing a great job for us, and I wish him all the best. Bumrah: It's always good when you get a break so you can work on your strengths and be refreshed when you come back. In the last match, it was slow, but in this match, there was seam movement with the new ball.

They have won eight and drawn one against SL dating back to 2000.- Jasprit Bumrah's 5/27 is the second best figures for India in SL after 6/59 by Nehra at RPS in 2009. Kapugedera: I thought it was a good wicket, so we wanted to put on a score which we could defend. We discussed about not playing dot balls in the middle. Jasprit Bumrah is Man of the Match Sri Lanka have a few things to take home as well, apart from bottles of course.

He has taken four or more wkts four times in his career of 19 ODIs - the most by an Indian at that point in his career.- Rohit scored his maiden ODI century in SL after failing to reach double figures in nine of his 11 previous innings there.- MS Dhoni has equaled the record for most not-outs in ODIs with Chaminda Vaas & Shaun Pollock today with 72 unbeaten innings each. Akila Dananjaya already looks like a star in the making, and some of the intensity in the pace bowling today was impressive too. For starters, they'll need a replacement for the replacement player they had just drafted in - Chandimal - as he has fractured his thumb and will take no further part in the series.

A rare pitched up delivery from Chameera and Rohit tonks it over mid-on, not much feet movement, just the extension of the arms to get it over the fielder Chameera to Rohit, 2 runs, in the air and wide of point.

Back of a length just outside off, Rohit drives with his weight on the back foot, sliced it to the left of backward point, Hasaranga dives but the ball evades him Malinga to Dhoni, FOUR, banged in halfway down, Malinga got nice height on that, but did not have the pace to trouble Dhoni, who swivels and pulls it behind square - along the ground for his first boundary Malinga to Dhoni, 1 run, Sri Lanka need to be sharp.Short of length on leg, not short enough, not accurate enough, and Rohit just swivels it over the fine leg boundary.It sailed for six Vishwa Fernando [6.0-2-20-1] is back into the attack Chameera to Rohit, 1 run, gets to his hundred without much fuss, just steers the ball towards third man.With that, we come to an end of our coverage for this game.A slightly belated end, I might add, due to some atrocious spectator behaviour. No matter how frustrated you are with your team, the game can't be allowed to be held hostage.The ball went straight towards long leg, but the sheer speed of it caused the fielder to misjudge its trajectory. Had he gone forward instead, it would have been a catch, if it didn't burn a hole in his palms of course Time for drinks!